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“It’s not like anybody ever overdosed on it, right?” - Marijuana

“What is so bad about it? It’s natural so what’s the harm in it?” The discussion about marijuana has gone on for years. For every one in favor of its use and positive effects, there is another warning against its dangers.   More recently, the debate has been revisited with the growing movement for its legalization for medical use.

On the plus side, marijuana can provide euphoric lift to give some relief to those experiencing chronic cancer pain’s emotional toll and side effects of chemotherapy. The drug administers an anti-nausea effect and  can cause an increase in appetite making it an appealing medicine.

For the average person seeking  its recreational use, it can commonly be used as a way of looking for pleasure or attempting to reduce the feelings brought up by emotional or inter-personal issues. One common myth is that it is not addictive. Despite there being no physical withdrawal from the drug, craving for marijuana can develop after an extended period of regular use. An increasing pursuit of chemical highs is part of the risk typically involved.

Growers of marijuana are becoming increasingly focused on maximizing the psychoactive compound in the plant, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short). They have adopted advanced cultivation techniques in order to enhance the effects of the drug. The subsequent increase in the THC level in modern marijuana will increase its negative effects as well as the positive.

These magnified influences of increased THC levels in marijuana have raised concerns that it is  no longer the benign substance perhaps that it once was when it first rose to popularity in middle class youth culture in the 1960’s.

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