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Birth Control: Turning the Tables

Imagine this scenario.  After a lovely dinner and a few drinks, a man and his female date retreat to the bedroom, where the familiar “Are you on the pill?” question is asked.  However this time it’s the woman asking the man. Yes, it’s true. Doctors and researchers are gearing up to release the first male contraceptives due out in the next several years. The contraceptives will come in several different forms. The first form will be a pill that is orally ingested daily, much like one of the current birth control pills used by women. Other forms include a gel or patch that is gently applied to the skin, a patch that is surgically placed underneath the skin, and an injection that lasts 3-4 months at a time.

While the technology is there, scientists and the male population overall have expressed concerns about the possible side effects and the efficiency of men in using these contraceptives. Many women have experienced increased hormones, weight gain and acne breakouts as side effects of their birth control, and many of the men surveyed did not like the sound of these side effects. Yet, other men embraced the idea of having control and not having to completely depend on the woman to be responsible for taking her birth control.

The times seem to be changing slowly, but until the Federal Drug Administration officially approves these male contraceptives, the onus remains on the women. What do you think? Should men be responsible for taking birth control as well? WILL men be responsible in making sure they take their pill every day? Let us know, drop a comment in the box below!