ifIknew is a health initiative for young adults that uses a multi media approach, including social media and in person programs, to address the contemporary issues that impact the well-being, self-image, careers, and relationships of people in their 20's and 30's.

If I Knew is a prevention education project that raises awareness about risky behaviors that can profoundly impact lives.

If you feel good, you... well, feel good!

It’s no secret that our day-to-day lives can take a toll. Nothing’s worse than getting stuck in a funk, and it’s not always easy to pull yourself out. Even worse, these funks can set in at any time, even in the middle of a busy day. As a full time college student with a part-time job—I know what it’s like! BUT FRET NOT. With this short list from Psychology Today, you can find some easy ways to feel great, most of which you can do anywhere, any time.  If these moods are not helped by these self-help techniques, there are many competent therapists around to offer support and guidance. Life is too short to stay too long in a funk, and you’re worth it.

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