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Sexual Assault can effect anyone

Sexual_assault_awareness_t600x366Sexual Assault can effect anyone. Anyone who has ever seen an episode (or several in a row, if you’re bored or home sick) of Law & Order has an idea in their head of what a Sexual Assault looks like. There’s often a dark alley involved, and a masked man. A woman is clawing and fighting for freedom, scrambling to get away. Do these kinds of attacks happen? Yes, all too often, unfortunately. But they’re not the only form of Sexual Assault.

Stuebenville, Ohio has been in the news lately for an allegation of rape that may be outside the bounds of what comes to mind when we think of “assault”.  A young woman was blacked out from alcohol, and at least two boys had sex with her while she was unconscious. If the young girl wasn’t awake to say no, is that really rape? The short answer is yes.

Assault comes in many contexts. It knows no race, age, or even gender. Men are sexually assaulted, as are children and the elderly. Rape, incest, sexual manipulation, and bullying can all be considered assault and should be taken extremely seriously. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault of any kind, reach out. Call the police or use the myriad of resources out there that were created for just such occasions.

For more on coming forward about Sexual Assault, visit: http://www.rainn.org/get-help/national-sexual-assault-hotline

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