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If I Knew is a prevention education project that raises awareness about risky behaviors that can profoundly impact lives.

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Q&A: I feel pretty awkward about buying condoms. What should I do?

Buying condoms makes most of us a little self-conscious.  It is not a grab and go sort of thing.  Even when they are on the shelf at the store like a carton of milk or a candy bar, it can still feel AWKWARD; like the whole store is watching you! But, in reality, people are way more busy in their own world then to be monitoring what we are doing.  Take a deep breath, man-up (or woman-up if you are being the responsible one) and be proud knowing that you are doing the right thing to protect yourself and your partner.  And if it is still just too awkward, you can always buy them online.  Get your partner in on this part as well as it is definitely worth the effort! When you do buy condoms, there are some things to consider. Get latex for its anti-HIV effectiveness.  Check if your partner has any latex allergies (unlikely).  Also make sure you buy the proper size.

Then, when you get home, read the instructions and remember them so they will work to keep you protected. Practice alone or even better, together.