ifIknew is a health initiative for young adults that uses a multi media approach, including social media and in person programs, to address the contemporary issues that impact the well-being, self-image, careers, and relationships of people in their 20's and 30's.

If I Knew is a prevention education project that raises awareness about risky behaviors that can profoundly impact lives.

What do you, me and a beauty queen have in common?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, whether you’re 15 or 55, we all feel the pressure to look a certain way. Especially in our culture today, with rising rates of obesity and labeling of “the fattest states in America”, it’s a constant struggle to find our place in the middle of morbidly obese and frighteningly thin while staying healthy and happy. Kristin Haglund, Miss America 2008, revealed to CNN reporter Yasmin Khorram that even she was not immune, and succumbed to anorexia at the young age of 12. As a former Miss America, she continues to advocate for youth with anorexia and spread awareness about the disorder (Read More).

According to helpguide.org, people with anorexia refuse to maintain a healthy body weight, have a distorted body image and an intense fear of gaining weight or being fat. There are two types: restrictive type (strict dieting, fasting, excessive exercise) and purging type (vomiting or abuse of laxatives or diuretics).

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were no such thing as anorexia... If we could live happily and healthily without the constant anxiety about how we look or how much we weigh? But alas, it’s part of our world. Know the warning signs and know yourself.  More ifIknew info on the subject is here.