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If I Knew is a prevention education project that raises awareness about risky behaviors that can profoundly impact lives.

When it Comes to Sex: More Respect and Less Embarrassment.

Sex has been around for quite some time. It’s literally been a part of 12662038-alphabet-wood-blocks-forming-the-word-sexhuman existence since human existence began. So why are we still shameful about it? Sex is a normal, healthy part of life -- one that can bond two people, even create life. After all these centuries, one would think that there would no longer be enough room for embarrassment in the bedroom, but it persists.

The other nagging anchor on our society’s view of sex and sexuality is a lack of respect. Sometimes it’s all too easy to see sex as a simple exchange. It’s true that sex is a biological need for most humans, but that doesn’t lessen its power. Emotions and sex are inextricably linked, because both our society and biology dictate they are.

Society tells us that sex and marriage are forever linked, which is not a lost concept. Sex and long-term romantic relationships are linked, even if both parties involved are abstinent. Why? Because humans are complex creatures and our sexuality is an important part of our own identity. Emotions and sex are also linked because of the chemicals our brains release when we become aroused. Feelings of euphoria and connection often wash over us in these moments, causing a connection to be formed between sexual partners.

It’s important to remember that sex is powerful. Sex can create life, but it can also break hearts. Safe sex is normal, beautiful, and an important part of life, but it is also intimate. So how can we lose feelings of shame, while still having respect for something so powerful? Embrace the idea of not just sex, but sexuality. Accept the fact that you are a sexual person, and so is everyone else.