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If I Knew is a prevention education project that raises awareness about risky behaviors that can profoundly impact lives.

Why listening to your intuition is so important

pic We’ve all had those moments where our stomach has gone into knots and some tiny voice inside of us has whispered, “This is not right…” How often do you listen to your intuition when you hear that voice telling you to make a different choice? Do you disregard it or pay closer attention?

A lot of times we forget just how truly powerful our own inner guidance is. Our gut informs us of our fears as well as the cause of our fears or feelings. Usually, if we are having a gut reaction to an event, person, or place is a signal for us to stop, acknowledge how we feel, and reevaluate the situation. The most important thing is that you feel safe during the process. Think of your gut as the blinking red stop light. It is an opportunity to pause and check in with yourself before moving forward. It is the red flag that informs you of when you need to pay closer attention to what your gut, your heart, and your head are telling you.

Your intuition is crucially important to listen to and you should always hear it even if it is whispering something to you that you do not want to hear. By pausing and reflecting on how you feel you will get clarity on how to proceed forward in your life.

You know yourself best. You are the only person who knows what is right for you and you have always been that person.

When making a decision, listen to your gut, your heart, and your head. Have a meeting where you bring all three of them together to discuss. Honor your gut by listening to what it is asking of you.