ifIknew is a health initiative for young adults that uses a multi media approach, including social media and in person programs, to address the contemporary issues that impact the well-being, self-image, careers, and relationships of people in their 20's and 30's.

If I Knew is a prevention education project that raises awareness about risky behaviors that can profoundly impact lives.

More doesn't mean better

Once we get tipsy or high, we are much more likely to misjudge what we are doing, including how much more alcohol is safe for us to drink or what will happen if we take drugs when we’ve been drinking. Recent reports from the Journal of Studies of Alcohol and Drugs bear this out, noting a 25% increase in alcohol overdoses and a whopping 76% increase in overdoses caused by a combination of alcohol and other drugs.  When we are relaxed and feeling good with alcohol, our self monitoring is dis-inhibited, and getting high with a drug at that moment seems appealing and less of a concern. At other times, some suppose that drinking is a good way to increase the effect of the drug they are taking to get high. The brain is such an amazing and delicately balanced, fine tuned and resilient machine. When we throw it off balance with intoxicating substances, we experience rather dramatic effects; some pleasurable, some not so. When the effects are pleasurable, at that moment we are often tempted in our slightly off balanced judgment - into thinking that “more would be better.”  More often than not, the reality is that it is not better. Instead, many unintended, not so pleasurable consequences like overdosing, non-consensual sex or drugged driving can be the result.