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Oh, Man! Pot lowers your I.Q.

Since 1972 scientists from all over the world have been following 1,000 people living in New Zealand.  First they tested their IQs as kids, and then checked back in with them much later.  What they found may scare some.  Those who started smoking pot before the age of 18, and smoked it on average four times per week over a long period of time (say 20 years), had a lower IQ by as much as 8 points.  Sadly, if the long time smokers stopped, their IQ didn’t go up.   Interestingly, those who started smoking pot later in life – after 18 years old -- did not have a lower IQ.  Says a lot for the developing brain, doesn’t it. Click here for background basics on marijuana. To read more on this study go to  BBC News Health.