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Pranks that started mean but had a happy ending

If you keep up with what’s trending, you’ll see that internet and face-to-face mean-spirited pranks are backfiring. It appears that 4chan and Reddit members got together and nominated The Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing as a participant in a free music contest.  The school with the most Facebook votes would win a free concert by Taylor Swift.  The principal commented that his students enjoy live music but still withdrew their name from the contest.    The end result?  Swift donated $10,000 to the school as did the Chegg textbook company, Papa John’s, American Greetings and Cover Girl (all sponsors of the contest).  To top it off, VH1’s Save the Music donated $10,000 in instruments!

Another prank that backfired was one that involved 16 year-old Whitney Kropp who was apparently nominated for homecoming queen as a joke.  Not only has she received national support, but local businesses donated her dress and the crowd wore t-shirts that read, "It's not cool to be cruel."  The icing on the cake was when Katie Couric announced that she’s sending Whitney to Disney.

Large groups of people who stand up and stop cruel behavior.  Now that’s a trend we can all like!