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If I Knew is a prevention education project that raises awareness about risky behaviors that can profoundly impact lives.

Say “No” to Neknominate—It Could Kill You

drinking So far, there have been 5 deaths from this game in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Neknominate began in Australia and has now moved into Europe, Africa, and the United States. In the game, one participant films him or herself drinking a large alcoholic beverage and uploads it onto a social media platform. He or she then nominates a couple people, by calling them out in the video, to do the same. Participants have also been doing dangerous stunts before, during, and after drinking. These dangerous stunts have included drinking a dead rat in an alcoholic beverage, drinking beer upside down out of a toilet, jumping off a bridge immediately after consuming hard liquor, or drinking hot sauce and 89% absinthe.

Through games like Neknominate, we see that online peer pressure still very prevalent around the world, especially in relation to drinking. What this shows us is that people are willing to risk their lives and go completely out of their comfort zone to feel accepted by their peers. But are those people truly good friends? Why is it that risking your life is still somehow equated with being cool and fitting in?

In an effort to reverse the trend, a new Facebook page was created to change Neknominate to something positive. The group started when Brent Lindeque, a brand activation specialist, was Neknominated by a friend. Instead of getting drunk, he used the nomination to feed a homeless person. Across the world, participants have filmed themselves performing a random act of kindness, and then asked a friend to do the same. So far, the Facebook page has gotten over 45,000 likes.

Want to help change the perception of the Neknominate game? Join in performing random acts of kindness and telling us about it on our Facebook or Twitter with hashtags #changeonething and #ifiknew.