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If I Knew is a prevention education project that raises awareness about risky behaviors that can profoundly impact lives.

Sometimes Quitters Do Win

Stopping smoking isn’t easy but is so worth it. Talk to any addiction counselor and they will tell you that the hardest drug dependency for their clients to give up is cigarette smoking.

Tobacco, aside from the ‘cool factor,’ is attractive as it has both stimulating and relaxing properties. Tobacco itself is an addictive substance to many, though not to all. However, there is no pre-test to know if you or I will develop the addiction to it.  (More on Tobacco)

Perhaps because smoking doesn’t interfere with any immediate functioning and its effects are so subtle, smokers tend to light up multiple times a day and for many years before they consider stopping. By that time the habit has become so second nature. And by then, stopping is a big challenge.

We have all heard of people who smoke to a “ripe old age,” while others who once they are faced with a medical crisis, just stop on a dime. They are the lucky ones and the exceptions. There are those who die from it, even years after they stopped because the damage was done before they stopped. Many others try smoking cessation programs multiple times before they successfully stop, usually with some plan of action and support.

If you’ve already started, you might consider stopping sooner rather than later. Your doctor, an experienced counselor specialist, or a visit to the American Cancer Society website for strategies and resources can offer help.